Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Buddin spent his internship year split between inpatient and outpatient work evaluating and treating children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Few people in the Lowcountry have his experience and insight into these unique, challenging conditions.

Assessment of Dementia

A dementia is one of several neurological conditions that cause a decline in cognitive and functional abilities over time.

The change might be sudden, or it might occur over several months or years. Families are often taken by surprise when faced with one of these debilitating conditions. Most commonly, people are simply looking for an explanation about what is happening to them or to their loved one, and for what they might expect in the future.

At SC Neuro, our goal is to help reduce suprises by helping each family understand what, exactly, is happening now, and what to possibly expect in the future.

Dr. Buddin brings many years of clinical work and training to bear on the detection and accurate diagnosing of dementias. Dr. Buddin will work closely with you, your physicians and any other healthcare providers to assist in treatment planning.

Capacity for Decision-Making

An evaluation of capacity for decision-making is an important issue when someone's ability to make clear, informed, rational decisions about their healthcare or personal finances is called into question. Whether or not one is competent to make such decisions is ultimately a legal issue, and a formal assessment of decision-making abilities can assist courts in making the final decision about whether or not someone can or cannot make these important decisions. This is particularly important, as many families find themselves entrenched in the legal system, trying to have guardianship and/or conservatorship applied, well after their loved one's thinking ability has deteriorated.

Unique to the Lowcountry, SC Neuro offers formal capacity evaluations. When the question of capacity becomes a reality, rendering a decision as soon as possible is critical. Executing a Durable Power of Attorney in such cases will save time, money, headache and heartache. Please contact us with any further questions you might have about this important issue, or to schedule an appointment.

Neurobehavioral training

Most of us have never received any formal, valid instruction on how to best manage the onslaught of information and tasks around us. If you are like most people, you take a "shotgun" approach to handling these things. What's worse is that popular media and advertisers have sold the idea of "multitasking" as a reality, and have artificially raised the bar for what we think we can do and how we think we can do it.

An inability to complete tasks from beginning to end, a failure to effectively plan and strategize, or poor organizational skills can have profound impacts on your life. SC Neuro can help with identifying aspects of cognitive functioning that might be disrupting your ability to manage day-to-day tasks. We will also work with you to create a personalized plan, which can help you better manage your time and tasks - both big and small.